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We are one of the biggest 3D Printer shops in Thailand. We sell 3D Printers in various sizes and also provide 3D printing supplys and 3D printing Filaments in many kinds of material such as ABS, PLA, Wood, PETG, Nylon, PVA. Other related products such as 3D scanners are also found in our shop.
Our store is located in Bangkok nearby BTS Wuttakat station (S11). It is not far from Silom Bangkok CBD so you can also drive to our shop. You can see our Map here

We can speak ENGLISH!! / You can also email to us
You can also call us : 096-140-0420 , 085-366-7023

3D Printer

Flashforge 3D Printer is the TOP FIVE best quality 3D Printer in The world among more than 5,000 Brands ( Most importantly, It is the cheapest 3D Printing Machine in the TOP TEN Chart.

Being Official Flashforge distributor in Thailand, we sell the machine with full service including 1 year warranty (for Mainboard and Motor) and Training (Only at our shop). We stock many main spare parts so you don’t need to wait long time for main spare parts, if some is broken down. For delivery / purchase online, we do send goods with LOGIS POST (EMS-like service from Thailand Post). You can also track the item with Thailand Post Website.

There are 4 Series of the printer we sell now. All the machines we sell are Dual Extruders (2 Heads)
Medium Size (23*15*15cm) : Flashforge Creator Dual(Wooden Case), Flahsoforge Dreamer, Flashforge Creator Pro.
Large Size (25*25*30cm) : Mankati FullScaleXT

3D Printer FDM
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FrontPage Zortrax
3D Printer DLP
FrontPage MiiCraft+
FrontPage Flashforge2
FrontPage Explorer2Flashforge Explorer2 (Available 2nd Half 2016)
3D Scanners
FrontPage David 3D-System Shining3d

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